BEDGEAR® is at it again. The Washington Redskins were fit for their sleep system, starting with their pillow, at the Redskins’ practice facility on September 24th. Sleep coaches were available in person, making sure every person who wanted to improve their game got the right gear to make it happen.


Currently, 1 in every 3 American adults have to deal with the consequences of sleep deprivation, according to sleep statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). When you are looking to sharpen that edge and catch that next throw or be a few steps ahead of those guys ready to take you down, it is time to take another look at how small adjustments to your bedding can change your game.


Wake Ready and Present

Did you realize that one night of sleep deprivation can lead to the type of impairments on the field that would be expected if you were playing drunk? Frequent tossing and turning at night, changes to when you go to sleep and being jet-lagged could all result in creating a significant sleep deficit.


When Performance® bedding came into the market and began partnering with sports teams, it caused quite a stir. Teams started winning championship games after getting fit and paying more attention to their sleep habits. BEDGEAR didn’t mean to. But it happened. Teams started playing better than in recent years when collectively getting the rest they needed with BEDGEAR pillows, mattresses, sheets and more. Coincidence? Perhaps. But when it happens time and time again, it is time to sit up and take notice.


Coaches and owners in the know understand the importance of a good night’s rest and make it a priority for their team. Sleep training is one approach touching on scheduling, recovery strategies, sleep hygiene and more. The types of tips generally shared make it easier to get deep, recuperative sleep and go through the phases of sleep necessary for muscle repair, learning and memory.


Build Your Sleep System

We do suggest creating the best sleep environment possible to make the most out of your time in bed. Many may be unaware of the products and fabrics now available that can help anyone wake invigorated to achieve more each day. The right bedding, fit for you, can make for a more comfortable sleep environment.


Start building your sleep environment from the ground up. BEDGEAR has a revolutionary Performance® Sleep System and that is not simply a pillow, mattress and sheets. Each of the components offered have specific technologies designed to work with each other and the individual sleeper.

Dri-Tec® moisture-wicking fabrics, patented Air-X® panels that increase air flow, and Ver-Tex® cooling technologies are combined to make for a seamless cocoon of comfort and breathability.


It starts with your pillow. Each person is fitted for their own pillow based upon body frame and sleep position. BEDGEAR does not believe that all pillows are made equal. Their personalization options means that a sleeper can get the firmness or contouring support they need without compromising. Fittings can occur in-store or online, using the Pillow ID®.


As a pillow only provides 30 percent of your comfort, to achieve 100 percent, it is time to revisit your mattress. Mattress options, such as the new M3 Launchpad, ensures that your entire spine is in neutral alignment and may be altered as your preferences change with an easy replacement of the independent suspension system, featuring our patented Micro-Curl®. Both sleepers get to choose their own comfort level. No More Comfort Compromise™!


The mattress cover, sheets and blankets enhance the functionality of the core of the system and tailors the sleep surface to keep you comfortable throughout the night. You and your partner can wake up ready to take on the world!


Change Your Bedding to Achieve More

Feeling too hot or sticky can easily wake any sleeper, reducing their entire length of time asleep. One way to maximize the time spent in bed is to use moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. Pillows and mattresses with the right support and enhanced breathability provide the cushioning and heat dispersal needed to assist your body in staying in that just-right temperature range for recuperative sleep. BEDGEAR offers the tools to make it easier to wake up ready to do more.