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Key To Health Is Prevention

February 18, 2014

Like a well-executed play in football, good health relies on two main components: keep moving forward and take every precaution to prevent setbacks.

That’s the name of the game for Dr. Tara Dall and Health Diagnostic Laboratory (HDL), Inc., which using screening procedures to identify health concerns before they drop you for a loss.

“We are a company that does extensive laboratory analysis, but we also then provide management tools to manage disease as we identify risks,” she explained during his recent trip to radio row at the Super Bowl.

“We really believe in prevention of heart disease, diabetes, and other related diseases. We have a very large team of clinical health consultants that work with anybody, in order to help them make lifestyle changes in order to help them get back on a path of health.

“We do a lot of education, we’re working directly with physicians as well as with employers and other organizations to be able to make a difference and hopefully be able to beat these diseases that are really preventable.”

That was the notion behind HDL, Inc.’s partnership with the Washington Redskins last offseason, screening current players and alumni to help prevent health problems and avoid more serious issues down the road.

“We screened all of the players during training camp and did our comprehensive laboratory analysis. Then we gave them all the information so they could talk with the physicians involved in their care,” she explained. “Hopefully, it was very eye-opening for a lot of them, just to get a window into their health, to be able to be healthy during the season as well as really through the rest of their lives.”

Dall explained that most of the health epidemics currently facing this country are due to a combination of genetic predisposition and unhealthy lifestyle.

Surprisingly, athletes can be just as much at-risk as the fans in the stands.

“Athletes are as much at risk as everyone else is, so it’s really important to know,” she said. “When athletes take that movement to do this kind of testing, I think it really says a lot to those who look up to them.”

HDL has also teamed with the Redskins Alumni Association to screen former players as well.

“We obviously want to be able to collect as much data as possible,” she said. “This past year we did a publication showing that using the advanced testing that HDL offers compared to doctors using traditional testing, actually showed an overall reduction in total healthcare costs for those cared for of 23% at the two-year mark.

“That’s making a big dent in what we pay for healthcare and hopefully as this really expands we will really be able to make a big difference, and hopefully again, beat these diseases that are bankrupting us right now.”

For a company started in 2009, HDL has taken huge leaps and bounds forward in a short amount of time. With the resources devoted to prevent risks and keep people moving forward, victory for all is the goal.

“At HDL, things are lightning speed. It’s sort of a train that you don’t want to step off the track or you are going to get run over,” she said with a laugh. “’You don’t let the grass grow under your feet,’ is what Tanya (Mallory), our CEO, always says.

“This company started in 2009 and we’ve grown, we have almost 900 employees and we work nationwide with every state and 10,000 physicians.”