Arthroscopic Surgery for Hip Impingement in Young Adults

Hip impingement occurs when the bones in the hip joint develop abnormally.

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Your path to good health just got a lot easier.

Two for the Road

Simultaneous Bilateral Knee Replacement Benefits Select Patients

Tackle Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association® has teamed up with Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Inc. and Trent Williams to help adults with type 2 diabetes take control of diabetes.

Conquering New Horizons

Open reduction and internal fixation (ORIF) is used to repair fractures that would not heal correctly with casting or splinting alone.

Shot of a Lifetime

Minimally Invasive Hip Replacement Puts Golfer Back on Course

Helping Those in Need

Former Redskins quarterback Doug Williams and CareFirst honor local non-profits.

Do your end zone dance to a ripe old age!

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Eat right, stay active, and grow strong—healthy habits go further than just our locker room. To help spread the word on health, the Washington Redskins have partnered with health organizations to provide helpful tips, tools and events for our fans. Because, when it comes to living a healthy life, we’re all on the same team.

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