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Have a Healthy and Happy Summer

With nicer weather and longer days, summer can be a great time to refocus on your fitness routine and health goals.

Show Your Appreciation – Nominate a Hometown Hero Today!

Think you know a hometown hero? Read on to learn how to nominate a well deserving person from your town.

Introducing the Hometown Hero Awards!

At Innovation Health we’d like to redefine what a hero is by highlighting real-life, unsung heroes from the hometowns we serve. 

Encourage Healthy Habits at a Young Age – Crack a Book!

A healthy lifestyle should be well rounded, and should include spending just as much time nurturing your brain as you do your body.

Do your end zone dance to a ripe old age!

Welcome to Redskins Health & Wellness

Eat right, stay active, and grow strong—healthy habits go further than just our locker room. To help spread the word on health, the Washington Redskins have partnered with health organizations to provide helpful tips, tools and events for our fans. Because, when it comes to living a healthy life, we’re all on the same team.

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