Today is Alert Day!

It’s American Diabetes Association Alert Day®. Take the test to learn your risk of type 2 diabetes.

Get and Stay Fit

Physical activity - important for all with diabetes and those at risk for Type 2 diabetes.

Snack Smart

Remember: you can still snack smart – even surrounded by Valentine’s Day treats!

2015 Health & Wellness Magazine

The Washington Redskins Annual Health & Wellness Magazine is now available at a location near you!

Are You at Risk?

The American Diabetes Association & Janssen Pharmaceuticals Inc. tackle diabetes.

Avoiding Complications

Correct treatment and lifestyle changes can prevent or delay the onset of complications

Diabetes Superfoods

Ever see the top 10 lists for foods everyone should eat to superpower your diet?

Be More Active Every Day!

The top 10 lists of foods everyone should eat to superpower their diet

Living with Diabetes

Day-to-day tips for taking care of your diabetes.

Celebrating 75 Years!

The American Diabetes Association celebrates a legacy of discovery, innovation and progress.

Pro Bowler Shines Light on Diabetes

The American Diabetes Association congratulates the Teaming Up to Take on Diabetes Health Ambassador.

Enter to Win an Autographed Alfred Morris Jersey

Sign up for our Health & Wellness fitness program today to be entered to win an autographed Alfred Morris jersey!

‘Your Health Is Your Future’

Washington Redskins receiver Pierre Garçon knows what it’s like to have plans dashed with health problems.

Key To Health Is Prevention

Like a well-executed play in football, good health relies on two main components: keep moving forward and take every precaution to prevent setbacks.

Do your end zone dance to a ripe old age!

Welcome to Redskins Health & Wellness

Eat right, stay active, and grow strong—healthy habits go further than just our locker room. To help spread the word on health, the Washington Redskins have partnered with HDL, Inc., and other health organizations to provide helpful tips, tools and events for our fans. Because, when it comes to living a healthy life, we’re all on the same team.

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